Present perfect and simple past

B Present perfect simple 2 already just still yet 2 We use just in affirmative sentences to say that something has happened very recently 3 We use yet in questions to ask about something that we expect to happen We use not yet in negative sentences to say that something we expected to happened hasnt happened 4 We use still in negative sentences with the same meaning as yet C Present perfect simple 3 How long for since the past and continue in the present We use for to indicate the duration of the situation and since to indicate when the situation began in the past Unlike Italian in English we do not use the Present simple with for and since to describe continuing situations Ive known her for years NOT I know her for years D Present perfect simple vs Past simple 3 We use the Present perfect with How long for and since when the situation or action or period of time is not finished We can use the Past simple with How long and for and from to when the time is finished and the action is completed How long have you lived in London Ive lived in London for several yearssince 2005 I still live in London How long did you live in London I lived in London for ten yearsfrom 1995 to 2005 Now I live somewhere else Ive already finished Shes just arrived Has he arrived yet We havent finished yet They still havent arrived 1 We use already in affirmative sentences to say that something happened before now How long have you been here Ive been here for three hours Ive been here since 3 pm How long has he known her Hes known her for six months Hes known her since March 1 We use the Present perfect with How long for and since to talk about situations which started in Present perfect Past simple Have you met the new teacher Yes I met him yesterday I havent seen the film yet I saw the film on Friday Have you spoken to John Did you speak to John last night She still hasnt done her homework She did her homework this morning 1 We use the Present perfect when we talk about an action in the past but we dont specify the time 2 We use the Past simple when we talk about an action in the past and we specify the time two hours ago yesterday last week 3 We use the Present perfect to talk about past actions or experiences in our lives but we dont specify when they happened We often use it with the adverbs recently and once twice etc Ive been to Argentina NOT Ive been to Argentina last year Ive seen Robbie Williams in concert twice 4 We often use the Present perfect with ever in questions and never in negative sentences with an affirmative verb Have you ever seen the Queen No Ive never seen the Queen 5 Note the difference between been and gone Shes been to New York She was in New York but now shes back Shes gone to New York Shes in New York or on her way there 5 Present perfect simple Lesson 10 A Present perfect simple 1 ever never I you we they he she it Ive been to Brazil Shes been to Italy once We havent seen Shrek 3 He hasnt spoken to me s Have they arrived Yes they have No havent Has it rained recently Yes it has No it hasnt 1 We form the Present perfect with havehas the past participle In spoken English we usually use the contracted form ves 2 The past participle of regular verbs is the same as the Past simple form for example work worked However irregular verbs also have irregular past participles For example be was been see saw seen do did done make made made
4 Complete the sentences with already just still or yet 1 Ive already passed my driving test I dont need lessons 2 Those boys havent apologised 3 Victoria hasnt phoned me 4 Guess what Simons said hes leaving home 5 Have you found your glasses 6 Weve been on holiday this year C Present perfect simple 3 How long for since 6 Correct the sentences 1 I knew you for 5 years Youre great Ive known 2 We dont see her since last week 3 She played tennis since she was 8 4 Theyve lived in Rome since ages 5 How long are you here 6 He worked for that company for six years and now hes the manager D Present perfect simple vs Past simple 8 Choose the correct alternative 1 Have you spentdid you spend your pay yet 2 He still hasnt founddidnt find a job 3 Did he goHas he gone yesterday 4 Who did you seehave you seen last night 5 Ive already givengave you 20 Thats enough 6 A You look very smart B Ive just hadjust had a job interview 7 I havent donedidnt do the shopping yet 8 We wentve been to Africa three years ago A Present perfect simple 1 ever never 2 Write the questions for the answers using the words in brackets 1 A everseea snake Have you ever seen a snake B No I havent only on TV 2 A How many timesJillmovehouse B Five times 3 A eversinga solo B Once at primary school when I was five 4 A becoldrecently B No it hasnt The weathers been lovely 3 Put the adverbs in the correct place in the sentences or questions Write in your exercise book 1 Have you had dinner yet Have you had dinner yet 2 Their plane hasnt taken off still 3 This letter has arrived for you just 4 Ive seen this film already 5 We havent met the new boss yet 6 Marys told me shes getting married just 5 Complete the sentences with for or since 1 Ive had a horrible cold since Friday 2 Weve lived in this house three years 3 Dans known Alice they were kids 4 Have you been here 8 oclock 5 Ive been on a diet five long months 6 Theyve had their dog a long time 7 Complete the sentences and questions with the Present perfect or Past simple form of the verb in brackets 1 When did you buy youbuy that CD 2 youevergo to a concert 3 Luckily - I - neverbreak my leg 4 Hes tired He stay up late last night 5 youevereat fish and chips 6 She leave home 4 years ago 5 Lesson 11 1 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence Use the Present perfect of the verb in brackets 1 I cant find my purse lose - I - ve lost my purse 2 Gerry cant remember the time of the interview forget Gerry 3 Amy is on her way to school go Amy 4 I dont know that man nevermeet - I - 5 Theres something wrong with my dads leg break My dad B Present perfect simple 2 already just still yet


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